Since our company’s start in 1978 with tailoring of classic suits, we have been expanding our production with a huge selection of more than 10.000 items, gaining a leadership position when it comes to private and public safety equipment and specialized apparel, thanks to top quality construction, use of premium materials and an ever-expanding line of customizable clothing.

Schiavi company is committed to serving any market need, providing a broad range of equipment and apparel specially designed for highly professional requirements and those workers who are exposed to hostile environment conditions. We also fulfill the new legislation regarding workplace safety standards (CE mark compliant) by supplying certified safety and visibility-enhancing apparel (EN 471), fireproof garment (EN 469) and uniforms according to national and ministerial specifications.

The organization of our production lines allows us to cover any customer request, even a tailor-made garment, at the option of possible further sartorial changes to any single item. Our former handcraft sartorial firm has developed to a cutting-edge system in terms of type of production, utmost quality and price match guarantee, thanks to computerized model systems, fabric laying and cut, as well as automatic embroiderers.

We also take part in the most important national and international trade fairs and events with our uniforms and technical clothing equipment.